“Boost Your Rankings by Automatically Injecting Massive Juice into Your Backlinks AND Vital Intelligence on Your Link Campaigns”

Higher Rankings

Skyrocket Backlink Indexing

Boost Power of Your Backlinks

Vital Backlink Monitoring

Industry Leading Auto-RSS Feed

Fellow Warrior,

Now you can have each and every one of your backlinks indexed and boosted, put the fear of God into link-swap scam artists AND shove your websites so far up the SERPS your competitors won’t see them for the dust.

This solution was born because I got sick of investing time and money into link building campaigns only to find them not to be effective.

Are you sick of building links only to find…

  • Your links don’t even get indexed after weeks of work

  • Your links never get posted or quickly disappear despite bold promises

  • You are cheated with nofollow links by laughing scammers that didn’t disclose the truth

Put an end to this NOW! Never waste money on link building again!

FINALLY! A proven system to boost your rankings and monitor your link building campaigns.

  • Get your backlinks indexed using RSS [This is HUGE!]

  • Know if a link campaign is giving you LIVE links

  • See if a link campaign is giving you nofollow or followed links

  • Find out if a reciprocal link partner cheats you and removes or nofollows your link

  • See if your backlinks stay active over time

  • Find out if moderators remove your links

  • Ensure links that you buy are active and dofollow.
Finally! You can start managing your links campaigns
and ensure you get results!

Introducing LinkClaw…

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Awesome WSO

I’ve been using RSS feeds SO MUCH for my sites and clients’ sites for years now and it is a KEY INGREDIENT to your Google Page 1 rankings

I snapped up the $47 DEAL right away, and have my full time staff putting it into use RIGHT NOW for my clients sites…

Warriors – you can easily charge a recurring fee PER MONTH to your clients for this (heck one client has been paying me $2,000 per month for SEO for the last 2.5 YEARS…that’s a lot of dough!)

So for this measly investment, your ROI is HUGE! Grab this NOW!

How to MAXIMIZE Your Backlink Juice…

By using LinkClaw you are able to aggressively maximize the power of your backlinks.

Here’s how it works…
1. You upload your backlink lists into LinkClaw using the Quick N’ Easy user interface (or just use LinkClaw’s auto-backlink discovery tool)

2. LinkClaw tells you if your links are valid and checks if they are follow or nofollow.

3. Your valid backlinks are automatically converted into a specially dripped RSS feed that you blast across the internet to dozens of high-traffic social sites

4. You sit back and let the link juice flow in!

An industry leading RSS Feed for Backlinks:

  • Only valid backlinks included in the RSS Feed to maximize results and avoid being accused of spamming.

  • Uses different titles and descriptions for each backlink automatically by reading the content on the page to boost the SEO benefit.

  • Just enter list of URLs and RSS Feed is created automatically without you doing any work.

  • Use the powerful DRIP-FEED feature to increase the effectiveness of the feed by over 95%. Maximizes the amount of links boosted.
  • AUTO-DISCOVER your backlinks to instantly have a list of backlinks to boost.

But That’s Not All! LinkClaw will also:

  • Continually monitor your list of backlinks to ensure they exist and have not been deleted so you can keep a careful eye on link partners and link campaigns.

  • Ongoing checks to see if backlinks are nofollow or dofollow links so you know which campaigns are most effective.

  • Create individual monitoring campaigns and RSS feeds for different sets of backlinks so you stay organized and efficient.

  • Ensure backlinks point to the correct page on your website.

  • Visual graph to show the status of your backlinks so you can quickly see results of your efforts.

  • Export report to PDF – Perfect for OFFLINE CLIENTS!

  • Filter status of your backlinks by follow, nofollow or invalid to quickly identify what links need fixing.

  • Easy import of your backlinks via text file so you can pull in lists of your backlinks from other software and campaigns.

Let’s take a look….

5 Quick Tips to Get Maximum Value With LinkClaw

1. Verify & Boost Value of Your Last Link Blast Never Pay for Crap Results

Have you paying a lot of money, maybe even a monthly fee, to get links back to your site?

Do you know if those links are even live?

Do you know if they are valid dofollow links?

Do you know if the links disappear after a while?

So many of these link blasts fail to deliver BIG TIME. Find out if you are being ripped off.

Input the backlinks into Link URL for continual monitoring of these links. For all links that are valid give them a powerful boost using the LinkClaw RSS Feed.

2. Get What You Pay For: Trust Your Paid Links

Are you purchasing or renting links? Use LinkClaw to make sure these links are active and stay active.

Don’t get cheated by people who take down your links or change them to nofollow. Simply add your paid links into LinkClaw for continual peace of mind.

3. A Watchful Eye on Link Partners. Don’t Get Cheated…

Have you traded links with various other websites around the net? LinkClaw can make sure those links are valid and dofollow.

Sometimes it is innocent, people just change their site design or make other changes which accidentally deletes your link, and LinkClaw is there for you watching for this.

4. Social Bookmarking & Article Marketing Campaigns BOOSTED & Verified

Ever paid for an article marketing, social bookmarking or web 2.0 campaign only to find most of the links have disappeared? If not you better check right now!

These types of campaigns are notorious for incomplete or deleted links, it is hard to find reliable people to do the job right. With LinkClaw you have an easy way to verify these campaigns and know if the job got done.

You can then boost any valid backlinks built from these campaigns. This will massively increase the indexing rate of your backlinks and the link juice flowing to your site.

5. Premium Link Asset Watch

We’ve all got those awesome links on high profile websites that send good traffic and/or lots of juicy Page Rank. You want to make sure those links are always up.

Just input your top backlinks into LinkClaw and you’ll forever have a watchful eye on those premium link.

Use the LinkClaw RSS Feed to autopost your premium press coverage to your social media profiles using the Auto-RSS Wildfire medthod (included).

Stop Wasting Time & Money Running BLIND Link Campaigns

Monitor & Boost Your Backlinks for Higher Rankings & More Traffic

See it for yourself:

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Backlinks need to be indexed (and managed) in order to count towards your rankings.

Having a backlink indexed means that it’s gone into the Google directory of links, which is a BIG decision-making factor in determining where your site will show up when someone punches in the keyword you’re after.

The Sad Truth

No matter how many backlinks we buy/build/get done for us, only a very small percentage of them will be counted by Google. Why? Because these backlinks are floating in limbo and highly depend on the "spiders" to "crawl" the site that your backlink is on, and that is highly dependent on the traffic the site gets (and finding out how to get to these is also another challenge we face).

In terms of percentage, around 15% of all your backlinks will be indexed and that’s what your site will be ranked on. Only 15% of what you invest will count.

PLUS, if you try and get ALL of those backlinks indexed at once, you’re highly prone to lose out on more than just a couple of spots in the Google standings.

The Fix

High PR Authority Sites RSS Feeds for your backlinks.

RSS Feeds from High PR Sites give your backlinks the necessary crawled pages Google’s spiders trust the most, and create the right type of backlinks for your backlinks, effectively passing down the PR power onto your Main Site.

(*Note: I know this to be true because we’ve lately been working on how to make a brand new site, a PR4 in under a month with excellent results -imagine the possibilites- )

The above has ALL the elements that your SEO strategy should follow. But it takes time, manpower and money to get the second half of the equation done…

To Recap:

Get QUALITY Backlinks to your Main Site, then create HIGH PR Backlinks for those backlinks. That’s how you make the stable, quick and high ranking spots.

Chris Munch is providing us with the best (and cheapest) solution for the second half of the formula. Bottom line:

-Index up to 95% of your backlinks (from high PR authority sites)
-Drip feed them as needed (make them look natural)
-Manage which backlinks (with Downloadable Reports) are valid

As a Result:

-Your (and/or your Clients’) Sites’ Rankings will Improve –
-Your Traffic will Improve
-Your Income will Improve

The most amazing feature is the Management Board, where you can filter which backlinks need more work, and which have been taken into account to get your site to where it is. Knowing what works will inevitably make you more money by the a = b = c principle

And this incredible web-based software (no tech-savvy required, demo video at the bottom) does an excellent job.

This software can be turned into a full fledged business on its own (developers license highly recommended to profit the most), by being the provider of an evergreen, always in-demand service. Chris explains it best in his Sales Copy, but suffice to say, this web-based application is of unsurmountable value for those of us who are in the IM business.

Awesome work Chris, and thanks for building this for us.


How to Make Bank With LinkClaw:

It should be pretty obvious that just using LinkClaw’s awesome power is going to save you a huge amount of time… but it gets even better than that, because it’ll also save and make you money

Clients… ($297 value)

How much do you think you could charge clients for this service? Grab a list of 1000 of their backlinks and have them automatically boosted and see their rankings shoot up. You could you charge $1 per verfied and boosted link, so that’s $1000 right there.

I’ve been through over 1000 SEO companies checking their prices and services, and prices like that are typical.

If you charge just $297 for a service like this then your clients are getting a solid deal.

Not only that you can export reports to show your client how many of their backlinks are actually active and followed links.

Boosting link campaigns… ($300 value)

What about if you have paid $100 for a link building campaign for 100 backlinks only to find most of those links did not even get indexed.

How much would you pay to drastically increase the indexing rate and the juice those links provide?

I think you’d agree $30 to boost 100 links would be very reasonable. Those links can then suddenly boost your rankings and start driving a profit for you.

Similarly $300 to boost 1000 links would still make sense. Use the LinkClaw RSS Feeds to do just this, on auto-pilot, without ever having to pay!

Paid links… ($100/mo value)

Let’s say you are renting 10 paid links on high PR sites. That’s probably costing you $500/mo at the least. It would certainly make sense to pay just $10 per month to ensure those links remain active.

If you can effectively monitor 1000 or more paid links then paying $100/mo for such a service would be cost effective. LinkClaw can do this at a minute fraction of the cost for a one-off fee!

Reciprocal Link Partners… ($100/mo value)

Really a reciprocal link partner is not much different than a paid link. The only difference is that you pay by giving up ‘link real estate’ on your own site.

The trouble is it eats into your time to check that they’re living up to their end of the bargain.

If you have several link partners you want to ensure that the links you are ‘paying’ for are still active then LinkClaw will do that all for you, just like with paid links.

Verified Link Campaigns… ($600/mo value)

I’m sure you have been there before where you paid for a backlinking service for hundreds or thousands of links. Maybe you check a few manually, but the more you go through the list the more you find that are invalid. It can take two hours of your time to verify 1000 links manually.

Let’s say you hired a cheap VA at $3 an hour then that’s $6 to verify 1000 links. With LinkClaw’s Elite package you can verify up to 100,000 links, which is equivalent to 200 man hours, or $600 at $3/hr.

But even better, LinkClaw will check those links each and every month to ensure they are still live to give you vital information on the longevity of those campaigns.

Not to mention the RSS Feeds for those backlinks which you can use with the Auto-RSS Wildfire method (included) to drastically increase indexing rates.

So How Much?

You got a promise that we will make LinkClaw an incredibly valuable and worthwhile investment, for a fraction of what it is worth.

Now, we’ve already seen how you can make $297 a time for a single client.

So how does $297 one off cost sound?

I don’t know about you, but I’d say that $297 sounds fair. Just 1 client and you’ve got your whole investment back.

Not to mention our servers are doing the heavy loading month after month for just a one off cost.

We’ve been told that we should charge monthly…

But an awesome deal is what we want to hit you with!

That’s why it’s not $297. It’s $97.

$97 Elite Developer License:

That’s a single payment of $97 for the full Elite developers license which you can use for 1000 domains to monitor and build RSS feeds for up to 100,000 links! That comes with full commercial rights to use LinkClaw on client sites.

With this you can monitor your backlinks while using the RSS Feed to drastically force the power of your backlinks through the roof.

Of course, not everyone needs the high-end version. That’s why I’m also offering a range of other licenses:

  • $47 Multi-site [PRO]: for the marketer with up to 25 websites or blogs. Monitor and boost those backlinks! Use on up to 25 domains to monitor up to 25,000 links.
  • $27 Single site [LITE]: for the entrepreneur with just one website who wants to ensure his link building campaigns are on full throttle. Use on a single domain and monitor up to 1,000 links.

Higher Rankings = More Money

Maximize your link campaigns for maximum profit

ACT NOW – Special Launch Prices:

Great feedback and testimonials!

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Another great product from Chris Munch; Chris you just solved another time consuming issue with automation! Thanks!
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First – the links management piece of this app looks like a jewel. Hat tip from a "competitor" [ I guess I am ]

congrats on your app/wso.

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Very nice! Clean interface, nothing to install. Can’t wait to see the results!


Hurry! This offer is only valid for 14 days. It will close on November 23rd.

This is a special launch offer, the price will shoot up to the regular price on Nov. 23rd.

No Recurring Cost for Lifetime Monitoring! Get your copy now…

Developer Package [ELITE]

Use on 1000 domains
Monitor up to 100,000 backlinks
RSS Feed for up to 100,000 backlinks
Commercial license: use on client sites
or sites you sell

Multi-site Package [PRO]

Use on 25 domains
Monitor up to 25,000 backlinks
RSS Feed for up to 25,000 backlinks

Single-site Package [LITE]

Use on 1 domain only
Monitor up to 1,000 backlinks
RSS Feed for up to 1,000 backlinks

P.S - Remember this is a special limited time launch offer. Get in now while the price is low so you have lifetime monitoring of your backlinks, as well the powerful RSS Feed to boost your backlinks.

If you’ve got this far, and you think it might work. Try it out for 30 days and if it doesn’t work for you, you get every cent back.