“NEW Facebook Viral Visitor Loop Technology Taps Into Emotions To Dramatically Increase Your Site’s Traffic!”

NINJA: Users will share your
even if they hate it!

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Dear Warrior,

Social sharing = lots of traffic = money!

Your websites social proof and viral presence is becoming more and more CRITICAL to your success online…

  • Google is paying attention to social signals in rankings. Facebook
    shares are even more correlated with high rankings than backlinks from different domains!

  • More social sharing = more traffic = more money!
  • By enticing social shares you drastically increase your viral traffic and online exposure.

Switch from the standard boring
Facebook Share


share facebook


loveclaw buttons

Use powerful emotional hooks to encourage
to rate and share your content on Facebook!

Introducing the powerful
Facebook Viral plugin:

  • Encourage users to get interactive with your content increasing user engagement = more profit!

  • Use emotional hooks to drastically increase the rate of sharing on Facebook!
    [This is HUGE!]

  • Increase the viral coefficient of your webpages. In plain English this means the chances of your site going viral are drastically increased!
  • Use in ANY niche to promote ANY web page. The text in the buttons can be completely customized.
  • Encourage users to rate products or services listed on your website, while also sharing them on Facebook!
  • A quick and effortless setup.
  • More eyes on your website means more money in your pocket!
  • Choose from a variety of button styles to match your website design.
  • The user never leaves your site to do this. After they share your content on Facebook via a popup you can
  • FREE updates and future compatibility.

Just simply installing this plugin means more Facebook traffic, and more revenue for your website.

How to MAXIMIZE Viral
Traffic to Your Site…

The standard ‘Share’ button just does not entice people to post your content on Facebook. It rarely resonates with how people feel about your content.

The LoveClaw button is much more powerful. It gives the user several reasons to share your content while doing what internet users love – giving their opinion!

Here’s how it works…

loveclaw buttons

How Facebook Shares Affect Google Rankings…

The amount of Facebook shares is very strongly correlated with higher rankings. Correlation does not mean causality, but either way, the impact of Facebook shares on your Google rankings should not be under-estimated.

  1. More Facebook Shares = More Traffic To Your Site
  2. Because Facebook sharing has a viral effect, a single extra visitor can lead to many more visitors.
  3. The more people that visit your site the more likely they will tweet your web-page, link to it from a blog or forum, bookmark it, or search for your website/brand again etc. All metrics that Google can use to rank you higher.
  4. Therefore More Facebook Shares = Higher Rankings

LoveClaw maximizes your Facebook shares and viral traffic!


Many button styles to choose from:


Significantly Boost Your Facebook
Shares & Viral Traffic Using
this Unique Plugin!


Better than the Like Button?

LoveClaw is significantly better than the Facebook ‘Like’ button.


When you ‘like’ a page on Facebook it shows up in people’s profiles as a tiny non-descript link. When you share a page through LoveClaw it posts your headline, caption, thumbnail and a comment from the user.

LoveClaw posts to Facebook have a massively higher click through rate than Facebook likes.

People only click the ‘like’ button if they actually ‘like’ it. But what happens if they love it, hate it, find it interesting, or want to buy it? With LoveClaw you can appeal to all these different emotions.

This means more people end up clicking the buttons and sharing your content.

5 Quick Tips on Using LoveClaw
To Maximize your Traffic:

1. Add Emotional Ratings to Your Product Review Sites.

Do you have a niche site that reviews products or an affiliate review site. People have opinions on those products and in sharing those opinions they will share YOUR content on Facebook.

Use the LoveClaw emotion buttons to encourage your readers to share their opinions on products with friends via Facebook.

This results in more traffic to your product reviews and more affiliate commissions and advertising revenue.

2. A Viral Traffic Source for Your Blog Posts…

LoveClaw is perfect for bloggers! Your readers will always have an opinion on news and discussion type posts common on blogs.

Imagine posting a bit of news on a new product or celebrity scandal. With LoveClaw your readers can just click a button to share what they think of that particular post. They can say the love it, hate it, find it interesting, find it shocking and more!

Compare that to just the regular boring ‘share’ button. Just add LoveClaw to your site and see your Facebook shares massively increase!

3. Ask For People’s Opinion on Any Web-Page

Whatever type of web-page you have, your users will have an opinion on it. Let them share that opinion with the world and bring more traffic to your website!

4. Emotional Ratings For Your Products & Sales Pages

Let users tell the world what they think about your products and sales pages via Facebook. Set the viral loop in action and see your products in front of more people and make MORE sales.

Entice people to click the ratings buttons on your site with words like…
I will use this, I want this, Great deal, I’m Considering Buying This

People love to provide feedback and their opinions, and in doing so they are sharing your content with their friends on Facebook!

5. User Opinions in Offline & Local Businesses

The LoveClaw plugin is perfect for local businesses. For example, a local plumber could place the LoveClaw buttons on their site for people to rate and share their opinions on his service.

In doing so they share his website on Facebook with their friends, who probably live in the same area and therefore bringing him new customers.

You could easily charge upwards of $297 per client to add this incredible viral feedback feature to their website!

How LoveClaw Makes You Money

By just simply adding LoveClaw to your site will present many options for profit. Quite simply because LoveClaw has the potential to make your content go viral its value is exponetially increased.

Just one person clicking a LoveClaw button could lead to a flood of traffic!

Traffic = Cash
Viral Traffic = More Cash

You already know that traffic to your site is what makes you money.

With the LoveClaw button your traffic value is drastically increased, because every new visitor could potentially bring many more.

The LoveClaw button compels people to share your content by simply expressing their opinions and emotions.

Now every visitor you get to your site has more value, because their potential to bring you more visitors is increased.

Every time someone shares your content on Facebook using the LoveClaw buttons, they can bring more people to your website.

Imagine having the powerful LoveClaw buttons on EVERY page of your site.

Clients… ($297 value)

How much do you think you could charge clients for this service? Add the LoveClaw buttons to your site and it opens them up to viral traffic. That’s an easy $297 right there in client services.

Local business love these buttons as they allow visitors to give feedback while actually sharing the website with their friends on Facebook.

To your success!

Chris Munch

P.S – Remember that LoveClaw adds a new viral power to every single one of your visitors.

They are much more likely to share your content, and each share can bring a fresh set of new visitors, who can also share your content.

This WordPress plugin is highly customizable allowing it to fit into any website with ease, and being able to maximize traffic to product pages, reviews, news stories, squeeze pages, sales pages and more.

This viral loop is especially powerful and increases the value of your traffic, and after all, traffic is money. If you think this might work for you then try it now, you are completely covered by our cast-iron 30 day guarantee!