A high converting sales page is ESSENTIAL for a successful WSO.

Trust me, I have some experience here…

Dear WSO Seller,

If you know how to crush it with a WSO launch you will know your sales page is critical. Get it wrong and you are SCREWED.

But selling WSOs has a major drawback. You can’t test your sales page to see what works best.



TestClaw allows you to continually improve your sales pages and learn what headlines, buy buttons, fonts, colors and other elements drive massive sales!

The 5 Minute Conversion Booster…

Let’s just say you wanted to test your headline (a great place to start)

  1. Write two competing headlines

  2. Input into the TestClaw software

  3. Copy & Paste Code into your WSO Sales Letter, and the download (success) page

  4. Check back later and see which is converting the best. Delete the loser


Doing that process you can find winning changes which increase your conversions by huge amounts. 10-50% improvements is very common!

Imagine if your WSO did 50% more sales!

Engineering a Big Ass Launch…

(and how a high converting sales page floods you with affiliates)

The better your sales page converts, the more affiliates you will attract, the more sales you will make, and the bigger your bank account will be!

The Super Affiliate Magnet!
25% Increase in Conversions = 100% More Sales?

Seriously! If your sales page converts 25% better, (converting at say 12.5% instead of 10%) affiliates notice this.

Remember in WSO Pro, all potential affiliates can see how well your offer is converting.

The higher your conversions the more affiliates will jump on to promote it because they know they will make more money.

So increases in your conversions will have an exponential effect on your sales because it will attract more super affiliates.

Test or Lose!

I don’t care who you are, you need to test to find the best headline!

Even as someone who has hit the front page of digg & reddit (multiple times), had 90% open rates on emails, and sold thousands of WSOs, I still get surprised by what converts best.

Don’t believe me? Then listen to what other top WSO sellers have to say…

Craig Mako (CraigRC) – Author of the best ever selling WSO available and the most popular WSO seller:


Originally Posted by CraigRC

"Without accurately split testing our sales pages and their content, our company would have watched tens of thousands of dollars in sales walk out the door without us ever knowing "why" visitors didn’t buy. Analyzing the data and results of different colors, buttons, sales copy, and layouts on own promotional pages has led to sales increases of 200-500% with the same traffic sources…it’s that important to our bottom line."

John S. Rhodes – 3rd most popular WSO seller behind the Juggernaut training series:


Originally Posted by John S. Rhodes

Listen, if you’re not doing testing in your business you’re punching yourself in the face. Furthermore, if you’re not doing split testing of your sales pages… and specifically your headlines, it’s much worse — you’re punching yourself in the genitals. That’s why I highly recommend that you invest in simple split testing solutions. And here’s a huge hint: If the software or split testing service hurts your brain, skip it. But, if you ‘get it’ then it’s time to spend some money. Ka-BOOM!

Linkwhizz – Produced $77,440.36 in revenue through WSOs in just 8 weeks:


Originally Posted by Linkwhizz

One of the best ways of extracting higher conversions and sales figures from the same amount of traffic is split testing. I often split test headlines, videos and sales copy to try and increase revenue.

I have seen sales increase by as much as 100% after successfully split testing a sales letter. This can mean the difference between a mediocre and very successful product launch.

The difficulty with testing WSOs is the time involved with manually rotating images and text, I’ll jump all over any software that would automate this process.

Works on any Website!
Including eBay & Facebook!

TestClaw is not just restricted to split testing your WSO sales pages. You can use this on any web-page where you can embed a hosted image.

This means you can split test your eBay auctions, forum posts, forum signatures, classified ads on craigslist, Squidoo lenses, Facebook pages and a whole lot more!

Test Free & Paid Offers

You can use TestClaw to also improve the conversions of your email opt-in pages, Facebook page sign-ups, and more.

Whatever the action is that you want your audience to perform, all you need is to place the TestClaw tracking pixel on your ‘success’ page. This could be your download page, email opt-in thank you page, or even your Facebook content that is revealed when somebody likes your page.

Use TestClaw to get more subscribers, buyers, and fans through scientific testing of your copy.

How it works (screenshots)


Originally Posted by Steve Peters Benn

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Chris has come up with an absolutely STONKING GENIUS system – that can be really really useful for you!

Highly recommended!

Start Making More Sales Now!

You already know that tiny changes can have a massive impact on your profits.

If you make just 20 sales per month of a $10 product, and by testing your sales pages with TestClaw you are able to make just 3 extra sales per month, it has already paid for itself.

So how much is it?

TestClaw Can Help You Make Hundreds More Sales! It’s a No Brainer!!!
Not using TestClaw is losing you sales, and costing you profits.
Grab it now, just like other record breaking WSO sellers are doing:

Maria Gudelis Testimonial – She’s Sold thousands and thousands and thousands of WSO copies…


Originally Posted by Maria Gudelis

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Wow Chris! This is AWESOME!!!

I snapped it up – the 100,000 per month ELITE one – this WSO is a no brainer!

Split Testing makes you MONEY…Period…Thousands

Intro [LITE] Package

Up to 5000 visitors tested per month

Mega [PRO] Package
Up to 20,000 visitors tested per month

Premium [ELITE] Package
Up to 100,000 visitors tested per month
Use on client projects (commercial license)

P.S – Split testing your pages is the NORMAL thing to do. This is something all professional marketers do to increase their sales. If you are not doing it you are missing out on a lot of extra sales.

P.P.S – Remember that small increases in conversions can have a much bigger effect by attracting new affiliates. Don’t miss out on sales and leads, grab TestClaw now.